Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello from Haiti

Hello!!! We made it completely safe to Haiti. All limbs attached. The Haiti International Airport was something else. Mass chaos. A man named Freeman from the base picked us up in Port Au Prince and we had a 2 hour ride to the location of the base in St.Marc. Port Au Prince is somewhat of a mess after the earthquake as it was hit the hardest. St.Marc itself was not affected at all from the earthquake, but thousands of refugees made their way to St.Marc after the earthquake and that is where YWAM comes in. I do not have the ability to put up pictures right now but there are tent cities everywhere between Port Au Prince and St.Marc.

There are 6 semi trailers sitting on the YWAM base property ready to be unloaded. YWAM opened a medical clinic just down the road from the base and also run a school for the Haitians. Today myself and 4 others unloaded one of the semis full of supplies.

I can't begin to explain how eye opening this trip has been and it's really only been a day and a half. I am already FRIED by the sun. It gets incredibly hot here. There's a good chance I might lose 10lbs lol. The main thing to eat is rice and beans. I will do my best to continue blogging. Thank you for your prayers and support. There is a lot of spiritual warfare in the area, especially because Voo-doo is very strong here. Pray against that! Tomorrow a team of 15 joins us from Madison, Wisconsin. Peace and Love Friends!

In His Name


  1. I will continue praying for you Clinton! Continue being a blessing, can't wait to hear more back from all you get to do!! =]

  2. BOB Leaders be prayin. The Spirit be movin. -Hebert

  3. Burnt?! RIIIIGHT. You're probably super tan! Glad you're enjoying it and bring back some tan for me:) Can't wait to see you when you get back! -Sara