Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hope in their eyes.....

Hello friends, today has been an amazing day. I was given the opportunity to preach in a Haitian prison here in St.Marc. A guy on the base here named Phillipson has a prison ministry he does every Wednesday and he let me come with him today. It was incredibly intense. The cells are just a little bigger than a small bedroom in an american house and they cram 40 men in one single cell. Phillipson translated as I preached. What an amazing time. I have an incredible heart for prison ministry and I have no doubt someday I will have my own somewhere.

It is sad our time is running short here in Haiti. We fly out on Friday at 1:30 but because the airport is nearly two hours away we will have to get up early to start our trip. God is doing marvelous work down here and He is EVER present. For the morning we distributed medical supplies to one of the clinics. Thank you friends for reading, may you have a marvelous day and may God be in it.

In His Name

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